OOTD: Playing Dress Up


Ah, you can’t help but love the festive break. All the time spent drinking, seeing friends and most importantly, playing dress up!

The Christmas/New Year period feels like a relay race of seeing old friends and family – one house here, one pub there. And it’s nice – it’s really nice. I spent my morning at the gym, my lunch with my crazy (but very lovable) family having a meal at a beautiful restaurant and my evening with some old school friends.

I’ve said this before but I still find it hard to relate to my old friends sometimes when my life can be so nomadic – but hey, give a group of any girls four bottles of wine and you’re sorted.

Here’s what I wore for my lunch look today – I do love a little bit of dressing up every once in a while! Today was all about the 60’s.Β 



A black Urban Outfitters sweater
Mock croc River Island skirt
Topshop satchelΒ 
Black River Island boots
Camel Topshop coatΒ 




Simple but sophisticated. Sign me up! Back to my hiking boots tomorrow…

Hope you enjoyed,

Soph x


2 thoughts on “OOTD: Playing Dress Up

    1. Thank you! I found the bag in a sale for hardly anything! x

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