Plant Life


You know that phrase, “You are what you eat?” I’m beginning to think there’s a little truth to it.

To give you some insight, it’s been over a month since I started avoiding red meat, oily dressings, processed food and daily cheese mountains… Β and I’ve really started to notice the change in my skin and hair.


For one, I don’t need to wear thick foundation anymore and my hair is starting to regain that lovely lustre of my younger days – I really do think there’s some truth in that ‘you are what you eat’ mantra.

I haven’t missed processed meat either, which is interesting. Another thing I’ve been working on – more water! I don’t think there’s anything better for your skin or hair than gallons of the stuff.


I’m not saying that I’m starting to look like a carrot (or at least, I hope not) but the changes have definitely been noted. I have more energy in the mornings, too! Just not in the evenings – although I think that’s the jet lag and constant travel speaking.

Fresh feasts aside, here’s some shots of my green-inspired look today. I love the pattern on this Topshop polo neck – it reminds me of 70’s inspired wallpaper. Love!




Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend,

Sophie x


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