Alpine Adventure

tumblr_o8tcdcg4Nw1sjlxh7o1_1280It’s funny to me really, how weird a comfort zone is.

It’s this strange vortex that is both friendly and constricting at the same time. And it expands – as well as shrinks. I’m spending my weekend in the French alps for work and today, my comfort zone was both pushed and pulled in all directions.

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 22.37.36

From mountain biking across rocky paths and steep descents (less than lady like language was used) to river rafting across tepid rapids, swimming down a freezing river, jumping 11 metres from a ledge into the water and even eating a whole pizza (my first encounter with dough for the first time in months) it was a pretty adventurous day. I loved every moment.

Weirdly, the pizza scared me most and the ledge jump terrified me the least. In fact, one of the main reasons I chose to fling myself off was purely to avoid the muddy descent back down to the raft!

Hope you’re having a great weekend – stay tuned for more photographs of my alpine adventure.

Sophie x


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