Moments & Momentum


If life has taught me anything in my 24 years on the planet, it’s that dwelling in the past will bring nothing but trouble.

Every so often, however, it creeps up on me – like a shadow lurking in my steps, waiting. Sometimes in the car, sometimes in the middle of a restaurant, sometimes at 3am when I can’t sleep and I’ve been looking through old photos.


The same old memories start flaring up – like a door thrown open in a gust of wind.But that’s all it is – no actual stormΒ – there’s no place for the past in the present, and especially not in the future.

The only thing worth taking from the past is the lessons it taught us. And that’s all.

All I know is that it’s a door that needs to remain firmly closed once more – I am bored of history repeating itself. It’s time for something new.

Sophie x


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