Desigual Days

Growing up in more than one country meant I didn’t have the most normal of childhoods. Part of this involved going for weekend bike rides in Texas at a local nature reserve. Most kids picture birds, butterflies – perhaps the occasional squirrel. Not this one. This one was for alligators.


I have fond memories of family picnics next to the swamp, with huge alligators sprawled across the footpaths enjoying the Houston heat. It was just how it was. We were always going on adventures – if not in Texas, then other states. My parents took us hiking in the Rocky Mountains, climbing in Yosemite and cycling in San Fransisco before we’d even reached secondary school.


I suppose that’s why I still really exploring, especially just for a quick afternoon’s walk. I really like to squeeze in 10,000 steps a day where possible.

This kind of year is perfect for such expeditions – and lighter coats like this Desigual number.


It’s one of my favourites. Pretty, delicate and yet still makes a statement. I have a love/hate relationship with Desigual’s clothing – it can often just be a little OTT, but this coat is perfect.






 Best of all, not a gator in sight.

Sophie x


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