You will always have great days, and you will always have bad days. And sometimes, upon occasion, you will have horrific days. 

I’ve never been very good at talking about things when there’s a problem. Even when there’s a gigantic problem. My family has a way of shrugging things off and burying it away – but of course, it’s a tactic that doesn’t always end well. I’d like to get better at being more open. 

Today, I awoke to the news that my grandmother passed away. It was 5.30am, I was wide awake and when my mother rang me, I felt like someone had clawed my heart out a little. We knew she was very unwell, but nothing can really ever prepare you for those kind of sentences.  

All I really want to say on the matter is, take care of the people around you – respect, love and nurture them whilst you can. Even when you least want to. You never know when you’re saying goodbye for the last time. 
Soph x 


1 thought on “Turbulence 

  1. Sorry to hear. Very good advice and will apply before it’s too late.

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