The return of the choker: OOTD 

From Kendall to Gigi, nearly everyone’s necks have been spotted sporting tight choker necklaces recently. This 2000’s fashion trend has made a vast comeback -from simple mock tattoo styles to intricate and chunky high fashion pieces, they’re everywhere. 

 Personally, I couldn’t be happier – I love chokers. Whilst they may not be the most comfortable item of jewellery to wear (I mean, who doesn’t love having the circulation to their brain cut off just a little bit) I still think they’re pretty great – and have drawerful of about 14 at home. 

The trick to wearing a choker well is to keep it simple – it’s a style statement, so avoid wearing heavy patterns or over accessorising. Occasionally, I’ll team a plain choker with a matching long neckace – but that’s it. 

For Friday’s night’s look, I teamed a Topshop opal choker with an Urban Outfitters black fringed top and a little MAC Russian Red matte lipstick. Chokers always seem to make everything automatically more vampy, so you might as well just go with it. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed – what’s your opinion on the return of the choker? Tell me below.

Soph x



  1. I LOVE the choker trend. It’s starting to become the only kind of necklaces I wear 😂 yours is super cute and I love the little jewel. I checked out your blog and love your posts. I gave you a follow and would love if we could be mutuals. Feel free to check out my blog as well 😊

    • Thank you so much! I love chokers – so simple and fun to wear. I’ll follow you back now, love your blog too 🙂

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