There’s something about old jewellery that I cannot resist. Whether it’s a favoured ring from my childhood or a vintage necklace sourced from a previous Saturday hunt, it’s somewhat satisfying to know you’ve not only protected it over the years, but that it’s been able to travel and adapt just as you do. And still remains stylish in a new age of trends and changes. 

My favourite necklace of all has to be this chunky bronze eagle piece from Topshop. I bought it about five years ago after finishing my first PR internship and I absolutely loved its statement look from the moment I saw it dangling  off a mannequin. Even now, it’s still my favourite thing to wear when I need a little ‘oomph’ in an outfit.   

For my trip to Mallorca, I paired it with a simple white vest and floral shirt. Let the necklace speak for itself – eagles are brave but more importantly, they’re intended to soar. Everytime I close the bronze clasps, I remind myself a little of that. 

Til’ next time darlings,



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