Inspiration of the week: Dali Daydreams

This week’s inspiration revolves around not a place or a song, but an idol. I’ve been mildly obsessed with Salvador Dali’s surrealist art since visiting his extraordinarily strange exhibition back in Berlin last November.  

From the moment I spotted a real life piano spouting water and echoing dreamy melodies throughout the reception hall, I knew I had come to the right place. With a soul conjured from the very strand of Eccentricity’s DNA, Dali is an artist I simply can’t get enough of. 

Maybe it was the way an audience of adults sat in rapture at a simple moving slideshow of Dali’s films and Disney screenplays for over an hour. A little corner of white plastic chairs, filled to capacity with captivated gawkers. 

You never knew quite what to except – each story consistently folded in upon itself, erupted in shocking directions or leapt into another bizarre yet beautiful world entirely. What I intended to be a five minute viewing became an hour long absorbation.  Or perhaps it was his displayed art I found so interesting – a mingled array of sketches, paintings and sculptures. Each piece as spontaneously obscure as the last. A dream world of bold attitude, beauty and the explicit breaking of social boundaries. Moreover, Dali’s flamboyant attitude was, and is, most inspiring to me. His quotes on life are fascinating. So, it is the below message that offers my true inspiration of the week.   The important balance of ego and success. The significance of passion. Dali reminds me that sometimes, it’s time to pull my surrealist socks up and just get on with it. 

Hope you are enjoying a good week – 

Soph, x 


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