Family feasts 

Before the month of January detoxing and fondly reminiscing over the times when my skinny jeans fit began, it was time for a little trip to Hampshire for a day of pub feasting with my grandmother.

Growing up on a separate continent to her meant we spent very little time together when I was younger, so I try to make the most of seeing her now that I live in England. She’s fantastic, and doesn’t believe in Dry January. Or non-manicured nails. What a woman.

Me and my grandmother


We indulged our tastebuds at The Silver Hind pub in Sway, which is a firm favourite of the family. Worth burning 1,000 calories in the gym beforehand though – the portion sizes are pretty enormous.

Haddock fishcake to start


Chestnut roast for mains

Alas, that concludes the last of the festive feasting. It was fun whilst it lasted!

Soph, x


2 thoughts on “Family feasts 

  1. The Sartorial Coquette January 4, 2016 — 3:40 pm

    your grandmother sounds amazing! ❤ food looks beautiful too 🙂
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

    1. beautyandbitchfits January 5, 2016 — 8:50 am

      Thanks my lovely, she really is!

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