‘Sale-ing’ my soul: Topshop jewellery finds 

I cannot resist a jewellery sale. There’s just something about finding vast rows of shimmering items at a ridiculously discounted rate that I love. Rings, earrings, bracelets… Give me it all. 

So naturally of course, when I discovered Topshop were hosting a gigantic jewellery bargain hunt I could not resist. No chance. Here’s what I picked up last weekend.

On my sale excursion, I found a Bruce ‘bea-uuu-tiful’ Almighty worthy necklace with a modern twist upon the Aztec trend. It’s dramatic and great for a statement piece. 

I then happened across a set of three silver rings with intricate but simple designs and a chic gold bracelet. Both of the latter are great for work – not too clunky and still tame enough to look professional. STRAIGHT in the basket.

Not bad for under ten pounds – now that’s my kind of sale 🙂

Sophie xo



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