There’s nothing Fluffy about Wolf Alice

With an indie rock genre, a twisted sense of humour and a name derived from an infamous Angela Carter story, there’s little not to love about Wolf Alice. 

Shortlisted for the 2015 Mercury Prize, Wolf Alice is a four piece alternative rock band that focuses on differing rhythm and melodic riffs with a slightly unsettling edge. If you’re not yet listening to their songs, it’s time to start. 

The band has gone from strength to strength over the last year, releasing their debut album, My Love is Cool, last February with numerous chart hits since. Their songs have featured on Made in Chelsea soundtracks, Radio 1 live lounges and many more. There’s something about their sound that I can’t get enough of – my Spotify playlists are littered with their tracks.  

Expect grunge lyrics, catchy riffs and soothing harmonies. Whether it’s tranquilic acoustic guitar in Bros or a hard hitting rocky pop chorus in songs such as You’re a Germ and Giant Peach, each song delivers a musical dose of brilliance. Wolf Alice is my favourite band of the year. By far. 

It’s music to think to, y’know?

If you’re yet to have tuned in, check out my favourite five tracks below. 

1. You’re a Germ – sadistic video, superb sound. 

2. Bros – chilled, calm and ideal for a relaxing soundtrack. 

3. Moaning Lisa Smile – taken from their Creature Songs EP (2014). Two words: Gradual aggression. 

4. Fluffy – fast paced and anything but Fluffy. My personal favourite.

5. Storms – crashing symbols meets slow and soothing vocals. Great contrast. 

Happy listening!

Soph x 


2 thoughts on “There’s nothing Fluffy about Wolf Alice

  1. Hi,
    I’ve recently started up my new blog here on WordPress ( of which you might be interested in. It’s inspired by NME, working class and English bands; alongside the Manchester scene. Great read by the way – I’m an absolutely huge wolf Alice fan!

    1. beautyandbitchfits November 27, 2015 — 11:17 am

      Hey, thanks so much for getting in touch! I love that you enjoyed reading my Wolf Alice post. Your blog sounds like my ideal cup of coffee – I’ll check it out now.

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