Did someone say sushi? OOTD 

There’s something pretty cool about getting dressed up on a Saturday. Whether it’s dinner, drinks or partying, I’ve always loved the excitement of trying on a thousand outfits and turning my freshly cleaned carpet into a floordrobe safari. 
 This weekend was no different, and featured a Saturday evening filled with closet searching and sushi. 

I went out for dinner & drinks with a friend at the Sushi Garden in Brighton last night and despite nearly getting blown back home by the wind (maybe this should really be an ode to my once straight hair) we had a great time. 


For the evening, I opted for a new suede Mango jacket (I love its rich, coppery colour) and white Topshop cami. Added a simple Topshop stone necklace, navy Zara denim and a beautiful fringed Topshop clutch. 

To complete the look, I gave myself a quick Essie mani and wore a few modernist H&M silver rings.     


Do you have any favourite Saturday night rituals? Tell me all below! 


2 thoughts on “Did someone say sushi? OOTD 

  1. That clutch is amazing 😍😍

    1. beautyandbitchfits November 15, 2015 — 2:31 pm

      Thank you! X

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