Keeping it casual – Zara goodies 

I think it’s important to inject something new into your wardrobe every now and then. Keep your fashion on its toes – try something different to prevent your ‘look’ from becoming boring or overdone. 

I’ve been scouring Berlin’s streets and stores for the best of its autumn fashion, and I’ve found plenty that’s caught my eye. With my ‘wish list’ now fully prepared, these are the first of my purchases from Zara and an adorable boutique jewellery store called Bijou Bridgette. 

I picked up a pair of frayed denim jeans, a simple white slogan tee and feather themed bracelet today. These casual items are so different from my usual taste. But I’m ready to try new things – and when paired with my grey coat, the combo looks great for some laid back autumnal attire. 

 Voila! I hope you like them as much as me. Have you been trying anything new with your style lately? Tell me all about it below.

Soph xx


2 thoughts on “Keeping it casual – Zara goodies 

  1. Yes.. I have a new black vest with wide faux leather lapels. I also purchased a long sleeveless plaid duster

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