Trendy meets tradition: Switzerland style guide 

My time in Switzerland is over, or at least it is for now. A country filled with amazing scenery, welcoming people & some superb style, I’ve had a great time revisiting my favourite haunts with new insight and a fresh perspective.

The highlight of my Switzerland experience was easily my short stay in Zurich – it’s a vibrant city I can easily see myself living or studying in.

I spent my days taking in as much as possible – from the city’s famous sights to its signature suave style. 


With many a morning spent admiring the outfits I saw passing by me on Zurich’s cobbled streets, here are a few of my observations on both Zurich-ian fashion and Swiss style in gereral. 

Crisp & Classsic

Unlike London, style focused on quality over flashy trends. I saw a return to crisp & classic style. Picture well tailored looks that gleamed with designer brand quality.

Styles were less expressive and certainly far less extravagant – Zurich was a city that thrived on understated chic vibes. In other words, elegance was imminent, but in a less OTT way.

Make no mistake, however – these traditional looks were anything but boring. Outfits were simple… but polished, preened and presented with perfection – particularly in the most affluent areas of the city. 

The Shoreditch of Zurich 

If you ever find yourself in Zurich, paying a visit to District 5 is a definite must. It’s essentially the equivalent of London’s Shoreditch. Streets consisted of trendy warehouse units that flaunted grunge glamour outfits in their windows, along with dozing nightclubs & organic produce stores. I couldn’t get enough of the city’s graffiti decked streets. The district also featured 126-metre Prime Tower, aka Switzerland’s tallest building. 

 The style I saw here broke away from the tradition of Zurich’s gleaming core – it was a little more more grungy, a little less tasteful and instead leant towards an array of truly superb creativity. 
A signature tote – the designer must 

Something I noticed during my brief Swiss inhabitance was the overwhelming commonness of The Designer Handbag. They were everywhere. EVERYWHERE. 

It seemed to be a staple wardrobe essential. Prada, Chanel, Versace – these luxurious namesakes were hanging on almost every arm I saw. 

Layer up 

Layered looks are big on Swiss streets. Coats and jackets paired with chic jeans, boots, scarves, gloves & other autumn friendly attire. Both men and women adopted this layered sense of style – multiple thin layers were favoured over one chunky look. 

Hair is as important as your clothing 

Groomed & sleek tresses were clearly an important part of the Swiss look in each of the towns and villages I encountered.

 I saw many a braided hairstyle on my travels – styles that were simple but suave. Hair seemed just as influential as clothing, and certainly more so than makeup. Frizz was a definite faux paux, as was bushy or unwashed locks. 

There you have it – just a few of my personal notes on sleek Swiss style. Hope you like 🙂 


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