Style saviours: How to travel light without losing your fashion streak 

When it comes to travelling, less is undoubtedly more. You’ve got to fit a month and a half’s worth of clothes into one tiny suitcase. Plus shoes. Plus the extras.

“However will I cope?!” Girls and boys cry from around the globe. “I’ll end up wearing one giant old sock for the entire trip!”

But fear not. There’s plenty of ways to travel light without comprimising on style, warmth or comfort. Versatility is the key. Adapting your wardrobe to a range of interchangeable looks is the answer that all wanderlust inspired adventurers need. 

As a girl on the constant move, these are some of my useful tips for living out of your suitcase & travelling the world without losing out on looking tres chic whilst doing so:

1. Colour schemes 

Choose a colour pallete that pairs well and avoid colour or pattern clashing. Keep it simple. If items go well together, it will make choosing new outfits far easier than just recycling one or two looks! 

If in doubt, stick to black, grey, beige, navy and other easy to blend colours. For hotter countries, opt for brighter colours that also look great together. 

2. Three is key 

Choose three of each main item that you want to take – e.g, three pairs of jeans, three long sleeved tops, three short sleeved tops, three outer layers, three skirts and three bags. You’ll have enough choice to consistently wear fresh looks without overpacking. 

The rule of three does not apply to underwear, obviously. 

3. Interchange 

Combine outfits. Use pieces that pair to make new looks. Layer up – it can completely reinvent an outfit and still save suitcase space. 

4. Light materials 

Where possible, try to pack clothes of lighter material. Not only will this make your overall load easier to heave around, but it will also make packing a breeze. We’ve all had the ‘sitting, standing & wrestling with overpacked suitcase’ experience. Minimising the time spent battling with your luggage will make travelling far more enjoyable when it comes to checking out. 

Lighter clothes are more compact – avoid any unnecessary bulky materials that will take up valuable space. 

5. A little bit of wiggle room 

Let’s face it. If you’re a girl with a fashionista streak in the middle of cultured, clothing filled cities, you’re going to want to shop a little. It’s inevitable. Instead of filling your suitcase to the brim before you leave, leave a little bit of space for those extra items you might pick up. 

Knowing you’re allowed just a few extra items will also save you from splurging on a vast spree after months of denying yourself. Treat yourself once in a while – just don’t go crazy


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