A Moss Read: Kate Moss’s Airborne Antics

Too much boredom in Bodrum? Kate Moss gets wild on EasyJet flight 

Where to begin. From flying SleazyJet to re-enacting the bad behaviour of her youth, Kate Moss sent the media into a frenzy last week after news reported that she had been Police escorted from her holiday flight home after it landed in Luton. Police reportedly escorted Kate off the plane after she became ‘drunkenly disruptive’ on her flight home from Bodrum, Turkey. She’d been ironically staying at a detox centre with friends. Even better, Moss insisted her peasant plane’s pilot was little more than “a Basic Bitch” as she left the plane. Superb. Whether Moss was bored from a week of juicing and yoga incantations or perhaps inspired by her original JFK airport scouting, we’ll never know. Perhaps the entire shenanigan was little more than a well planned PR stunt for Kate’s career. Only one thing’s for sure. Moss left the plane with a far heftier amount of baggage than when boarding. kate-moss-turkey_3333199b


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