A Suede Summer: The Boho Trend

A Suede Summer: The Boho trend 

Summer’s finally here. The sun’s out. It’s acceptable to wear shorts without getting funny looks. The ice cream man’s on tour again. You can even smell it – from drifting wafts of BBQ smoke to hay fever inducing freshly mown grass. Even better, with the long evenings, warmer weather and gorgeous cloudless days comes a new season of fashion to play with.

Summer means new styles, new fabrics, and most importantly, fresh new trends. For 2015, it’s all about the return of the bohemian beauty.

The boho trend is effectively, in my opinion, a little bit ilke ‘chic hobo.’ You look like you’ve strolled out of Coachella or an exotic tribal Native American land – but with a black coffee in one hand and a designer (fringed) tote in the other. It’s about playing it cool, straying away from the classic Hepburn elegance and opting for a little bit of excitement. Boho is about daring to be different, and it’s ideal for summer.

From fringing to corduroy and buttoned skirts to floral headwear, here are some of my favourite peices from this summer’s vibes.


Zara NastyGal1


What are your favourite ways to wear the Boho trend? x


1 thought on “A Suede Summer: The Boho Trend

  1. beautiful styles!

    will you check out my latest outfit & share your thoughts? 🙂

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