A Rhythmic March: Jhameel

It’s not everyday you listen to an artist like Jhameel. Think addictive beats, intellectual loop layering and catchy hooks – combined with the breathy voice of an ex soldier turned singer. I can’t get enough of the San Franscisco born star. His songs have been pretty much my entire playlist for the last week – from a morning workout at the gym to a lunchtime stroll.


It’s so refreshing to find a musical artist that inserts such vibrant creativity and passion into their work – and you can hear the linguistic talent of the man who speaks 5 languages and plays a whopping 14 instruments with nearly every track. I love his tribal style too – the uniqueness of his appearance distinguishes Jhameel from other more mainstream artists with the paint he wears and the somewhat beautiful symmetry of his face.

If you haven’t heard his stuff, you must – especially if you’re a fan of music that moves your blood when you hear it.

Here are my top five favourite Jhameel songs – I hope you enjoy them as much as I have been.

1. Feisty

This was the first track of Jhameel’s music that I heard – I love the boldness of it.

2. Shut Up

A good song for when you’re feeling just a little frustrated with something. I love the mock China Town intro, too.

3. Collision

I LOVE this. It just makes want to dance. A lot of club music really distracts me when I’m trying to work because it reminds me of my crazy nights out dancing with my best friend on club stages until 5am and makes me crave partying – but this just makes me happy (and I can still concentrate),

4. Poison

I listen to this when I need to remind myself about the importance of staying strong in tough situations – plus, I love the melodic flow of the verse into chorus. It reminds me of moving water, a river of music somewhat.

5. White Lie 

 This and Feisty are my favourite Jhameel songs. It’s upbeat, well put together and I love the lyrics. It’s a song for independence.


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