Spring Essentials Haul: Embracing My Inner Girl

 Hello everyone! Hope you’ve enjoyed a fab weekend filled with fashion, fun and frivolity. I thought I’d share a post on some of the things I’ve picked up recently to get prepped for spring, work and the warmer months – enjoy! 

1. The Essential Shoulder Bag

After working a very busy PR event yesterday that involved a LOT of organisation and paperwork to bring along with me, I realised I needed a new shoulder bag. Mainly after realising that attempting to carry three crates of chocolate, my bag and a folder bursting with paperwork was going to be quite the challenge.

I have an abundance of totes, satchels & clutches – but I really need something for work that makes it easy to carry a lot & still have my hands free. After hunting around, I found this simple River Island beige design. It’s such a versatile colour and classy style – I love it!


2. Room for Decor

I’m always adding things to my room – I think it really helps me to focus and spend more time working in the evenings if I’m surrounded by a nice environment.

I found this cute heart shaped decor design in Matalan for only £4 – the slogan is adorable. Happiness is key to a healthy mindset for me too!

3. Exercise Attire 

Next, I picked up some new workout gear. I’m going away next weekend for a short break and really needed some new exercise clothes for yoga classes with my sisters and mum.  I love the grey & blue colours of this set – perfect for spring and different to my usual all black attire at the gym. 4. Attempting Elegance – River Island Pastel Pinks

Today, I decided to embrace my inner girly side! I don’t tend to dress up too much when I go out – I’m more of a camisole, choker and black jeans kinda’ girl. However, I’ve got an important family dinner next weekend and I wanted to make an effort to look like a ‘lady’ for once.

This River Island dress is fab – and fairly inexpensive too. The pastel pink colouring is ideal for spring, and because it’s a simple dress, there’s so many looks I can create with it.  

 I knew I’d find a use for my double jointed elbows at some point in my life… easy zip work.

 5. Matte Talons 

Finally, matte varnish is a big trend for spring – so I thought I’d try the look out for myself with this delicate green Topshop shade.


Voila! I love a good shopping haul – but now, it’s time to go raid the peanut butter jar and watch some rom coms before work tomorrow. Hope you’ve enjoyed my shift in style!

Sophie xx



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