‘Kanye’ believe it? Rapper West makes headlines in all the wrong directions as Glastonbury appearance is confirmed

It’s official.  Confirmed earlier this week by Glastonbury organiser, Emily Eavis, on Twitter, Saturday night’s headline star is set to be none other than Kanye West himself.

20-03-2015 17-12-06

Kanye & his ego are set to take centre stage at the Somerset sold out festival later this year. The Twitter announcement has inspired furious rage amongst devoted festival goers – with a 75,000 strong online petition signed for the rapper to renounce his throne.


With comments including “It’s a musical injustice!” and “The man has no morals and has no talent,” Kanye’s headline confirmation has inspired serious debate. Does the star truly have a place in the Glastonbury Headliner’s Hall of Fame – or is his music and notorious vanity simply an inadequate choice for the famous British festival?

The Hip Hop genre is in itself nothing unique when it comes to Glastonbury. Jay-Z, an artist who has featured on Kanye’s tracks on multiple occasions, headlined the show himself back in 2008. Beyonce took to the stage in 2011 – and unlike Kanye’s overwhelmingly negative reaction, inspired articles with titles such as ‘Beyonce is too good for Glastonbury.’  Hip Hop is hardly the problem here, despite the petition’s creator, Neil Lonsales’ views that a simple ‘rock band’ would have far more of a place.

Perhaps then, the problem is not with Kanye’s music but rather a fear of Kanye’s accompanying ego and entourage. His recent storming of the Grammy Stage last month once again highlighted the diva ways we first saw back in 2009 when he snatched an award out of a young Taylor Swift’s hands at the VMA’s. Festival goers are afraid they will ‘get Kanye’d.’  No one wants to pay hundreds of pounds for a rant about the music industry, Kanye’s self-love and a diva storm – especially not at a festival famous for its relaxed and feel good vibes.

That, or people are terrified they might have to face the sight of Kim K parading around in 7 inch, fur lined wellies (with a matching North West stuffed into her handbag, of course).

It’s a tad hypocritical really, considering how much as a nation we British love our gits. After all, thousands happily signed a petition to reinstate a man for punching his work colleague. Clarkson remains a national sweetheart for his erratic ego problems – whilst Kanye is shunned and ridiculed.

So, accept it. Kanye’s probably here to stay. His music is modern, it’s extremely popular, and despite the harsh backlash, it’s pretty talented stuff.  For those lucky enough to be partying at Glastonbury later in the year, this is my advice to you.

Drink your beer, put your hands up, and enjoy a change in a new West direction.

You never know, fur lined wellies might just be the next big thing.





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