Black Steel: Valentino A/W2015 Show Highlights

For anyone that missed it (although it was hard not to, considering the epic Zoolander 2 comeback) Valentino’s recent A/W2015 show was a fantastic success. Visually stunning, the collection featured nothing but fierce, stark detail and occasional flashes of strong colour woven with intricate patterns.

Last year’s show featured a lot of white fabric – March 2015 inverted this completely. All or nothing – there is nothing dainty about these new designs. Of course, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson’s surprise runway appearance was the highlight of the show – but in general, the entire collection was both beautiful and captivating.

Ignoring Hansel and Zoolander’s strut for a minute, these were some of my favourite pieces from the event. The ultimate late Valentine’s Day present, Valentino is, as usual, the superb master of elegant yet daring fashion.

Here you have it – the ‘Black Steel’ looks of AW015.


I adore this look. A fairly simple design with stunning front panel designs.


This look is rich in luxurious comfort, oozing power & confidence. elle-80-valentino-paris-fw15

I love the pharaoh-like qualities of this dress – it’s regal yet exotic at the same time. Cleopatra, eat your heart out.


The colour combinations of this coat combine to create a soft but striking look. The grey and copper tones compliment each other perfectly.

A modern take on the 70’s squared dress. It’s the attention to detail of these designs that I love most – the fringed bottom of this dress, the contrast of triangular/rectangular/squared pattern with a sheer neckline.

There’s so much going on – but the monochrome colour scheme keeps it strong, not overwhelming. Flawless. elle-61-valentino-paris-fw15

I love the colours of this coat dress. It’s almost a hypnotising pattern – there’s so much detail absorbed into the fabric.

Did you have any specific show highlights? Let me know below.

SL xo


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