Laidback Looks: Topshop Attire

It’s Fridaaay! The day of unlimited coffee, nearly finished to-do lists, after work movies & duvet burritos, along with general relaxation…. And wine. Don’t forget the wine.

As part of today’s chilled out vibe, here was my outfit that I wore for work. I opted for something with a very casual chic feel – perfect for some laid back office attire in the PR world of PMW.

I opted for a Topshop overload today – nautical striped top, pale pink knit cardigan, denim ripped jeans and matching pastel River Island tote. Simpleees – and perfect for a laidback TGIF vibe.

I love the extra lace details on this striped top – although to be honest, I love most things from Topshop!


Onto details: Essie nails and New Look gold midi rings. Nice and simple – perfect for the casual look of today’s outfit.


Finally, a rather messy makeup look. EstΓ©e Lauder dusty pink eyeshadow, BB cream, a smudge of liquid Rimmel eyeliner and some Palmers lip butter. Voila! πŸ™‚

Now, let the weekend begin.


2 thoughts on “Laidback Looks: Topshop Attire

  1. Hi Sophie πŸ™‚
    I really like that outfit. It’s really well-put-together. Lovely!

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