Pugs & Pastels: Weekday Wardrobe

One of my favourite things about my working wardrobe is that it gets to be both fairly casual and also creative.

So, rather than wearing all black and surrendering to the Monday blues (when I normally just want as much black coffee as possible and a nap), I decided to opt for florals, pastels and pugs.

Because who doesn’t enjoy a cute dog tee now and again?

For yesterday’s look, I paired an white Aeropostale tee with a bright and vibrant River Island jacket. The t-shirt kept the whole outfit very informal – but the jacket is what saved the look from becoming scruffy or too basic.

I then added Zara high waisted jeans, black New Look heels and finally, a River Island turquoise tote.

For my makeup and jewellery, it was all about colour combinations and Topshop, Topshop, Topshop.

I bought this ring on Saturday in the Topshop sale for a mere Β£2.50 – bargaaain! I love it. It also goes well with most of my wardrobe, too.

Does anyone else have any favourite ways to beat the evil twin of Friday blues?
SL xo


1 thought on “Pugs & Pastels: Weekday Wardrobe

  1. Your tote is to die for.

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