Outfit Outtakes

What’s an Outfit Outtake? It’s piecing together old and new items to create some kind of fashion Frankenstein. Mixing casual and formal attire, adding rarely worn jewellery to an everyday staple outfit, and most importantly, finding things I never wear and making them useable for my weekday wardrobe. Welcome to my outfit outtakes.


For today’s look, I paired a baggy Urban Outfitters striped top with a pair of cream shorts that I picked up from a store in New York last summer. Added a chunky eagle Topshop necklace, sparkly caramel Clark bag and voila – one outfit outtake.


I love the bow detail of this Clarks clutch.  It’s simple, and very versatile for both evening and casual looks. I bought it for my graduation last July, but it actually has a ton of use left in it.


I wear this eagle Topshop necklace with nearly everything – I LOVE IT. However, I’ve worn this Urban Outfitters top about twice. Adding the shorts turns something casual into something chic, making it far more wearable.

(and pairing an oversized top with a pair of shorts works wonders for any food babies, too).


Finally, I kept my hair wild and  my makeup low key, focusing on the magic power of liquid eyeliner to add some brightness to my face.

And that’s that! Hope you’ve enjoyed, feel free to follow. 🙂




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