Summer Styles: Bags, Bags and More Bags

 Today’s post is about bags. Nope, not the ever present satchel-sized ones under my eyes… but my personal favourite styles for summer. From Ted Baker totes to Cath Kidson florals, these are five of my faves for the warmer & brighter season.


1. Popping Pink – Ted Baker 


This is the most recent bag I have added to my (somewhat) extensive collection. I love all things Ted Baker, but I particularly liked the bright shade and plastic texture of this design.

It’s great for Summer because of its eye-catching shade, and it’s large size. You could pack for a small vacay in that thing! (I love it).


2. Chain Handle Shoulder Bag- Accessorize


I bought this bag last summer – it’s perfect for small day trips and matching similar pastel-shade outfits. I love the chain feature, and the combination of light/dark fabric. Perfect for hot days when you don’t want an overly massive bag to lug around.

3.  Turquoise Tote – River Island 


I HEART ALL RIVER ISLAND BAGS. I could spent hours in that section. HOURS. Maybe days. I especially like this one.

This is a great bag for lunches, coffee dates and something a little more sophisticated. Its light shade means it’s easy to match with summer wear and it looks great with both shorts and jeans.

It has a trio of compartments too – perfect for packing suncream, water, and other summer essentials. (Especially if you’re like me and need Factor 50 just to end up non-lobster like).


4. Floral Delights – Cath Kidson 


I love the floral design on this bag. It’s  so ideal for summer trends – and easy to pair with any block colour outfits. I like wearing it with dark jeans  – the bright pattern of the bag prevents the outfit from looking too bleak on a summers day.

It’s also a good beach bag – the bag’s coated texture means it won’t be ruined by sand, and it has a zip to make sure the insides stay ocean-proof too.


5. Teeny Tiny but Top Notch – Zara


Finally, I think this little Zara sidebag is any girl’s perfect summer accessory. It’s light, it’s durable, and it’s adorable. Plus, it’s easy to pair with pretty much anything. My favourite combo is with a simple summer dress or high waisted skirt/top.

Well, there you have it. Just because it’s swelteringly hot doesn’t mean you can’t stay chic! 🙂

SL xo


1 thought on “Summer Styles: Bags, Bags and More Bags

  1. lookbeyondbeauty June 12, 2014 — 12:38 pm

    They all look great!! 🙂
    lets follow each other? 🙂

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