Breaking in New Shoes: Avoid Heel Hell





Today’s post is about fashionable footwear’s achilles heel… the pain that inevitably comes with breaking in new shoes.

They look great. They feel awful. After slipping on a new pair of heels/sandals/boots, after half an hour, you’re in agony and your feet are loathing you for the numerous blisters you’ve caused. Especially anything leather. However, there is a way around this problem. It’s far from glamorous, but it works wonders. I just recommend you do it in private. The power of the sock. 

Not just any old sock. Thick socks. The thicker the better. Last Christmas, my sister was given a pair of the beautiful leather ballerina flats. And she spent the two following weeks traipsing around the house in the flats and a giant pair of pink fluffy socks. 

“What the hell are you doing?” I asked, after watching her stomp around the kitchen for the third time that week. 

“Breaking them in, of course.” Her reply was a warning I should have heeded (or heeled). 

It may look stupid, but wearing thick socks expands the shoe slowly, giving your feet room without the pain that comes from normal socks or bare feet. After a week of indoor taming, they’ll be good to go – and blister-less bliss shall follow. 



These are my new Topshop gladiator sandals. I actually got them a month ago, but I’ve only been able to wear them properly today. 




£30.00 from Topshop, they’re great for summer. However, I forgot the sock rule and took them out for a walk to break them in. My ankle looked like something from a war zone. It was disgusting, and so unnecessarily painful. (I’ll avoid using photos in case anyone’s squeamish). 


It took weeks to heal and I couldn’t wear normal shoes for ages. I tried again (after my sister reminded me of the sock rule) and now they’re fabulously comfortable. At last. 

So, remember. There’s a simple way to avoid the pain that comes from leather shoes. THE SOCK. Break them in (in sock secrecy) and then gloat in public. 


SL xo 


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