I’m back in my home county after finishing my last ever University assignment, and the first thing I’ve wanted to do since getting  home (very late last night) is reorganise my room. I’m naturally quite an organised person – I have a lot of stuff that seems to accumulate whenever and wherever I go, so I need to make sure I keep it all in check.

So, before me and my paps’ drive back to Exeter to pick up the rest of my things, I decided to sort out my room and get everything in check before the rest of my clothes arrive. Plus, there’s something very therapeutic about getting rid of junk and putting things in their place. I found signed baseballs, Italian masks, Chinese gin, helmets, Malaysian candles and so, so many pieces of paper that I will never need. Yet… still debated if I should keep them? Just in case I might need that guide to Bern in the near future.

Anyway, here’s some of the finished result!

1. Makeup


Four drawers for specifically face, eyes, lips and powder sections. ImageI started working on my closet. I have a three doored wardrobe, which really is a lifesaver. I hung up shirts, jackets, blazers and summer dresses. The rest I put into my chest of drawers, in equally organised sections. I really hate the idea of things not being labelled or just thrown together. 


2. Wardrobe



I also organised my pre-Uni trip bags, using the upper shelf of my wardrobe to place holdalls, satchels and totes into their spaces. 





SUMMER DRESSES! The weather has been so nice today, I’m hoping I’ll have plenty of chances to wear these this summer. I have a lot of old Hollister dresses from my preppy teenager stage (who doesn’t) but these are still great for the warmer weather. 



3. Chest of Drawers 


Lots of pattern and fabric in my chest of drawers. This is a shot from jeans/skirts level.



I have a specific ‘black clothing’ drawer because it’s so much easier than separating the different types of clothing when I know THIS IS THE COLOUR I WANT. This will also be a lot easier for finding work clothes once I start interning. 



4. Walls and Art




I’m working on a wall collage for this side of my wall. Note the now tidy desk (it was littered with Poe books, notes and pens before)




My friends who know me well will know my room is always littered with random sketches and drawings. And Pepsi Max bottles. This is a poster board where I stuck some of the stuff I found. 




I like to collect InStyle and Glamour magazines, as well as Elle. Most of these are at Uni (I use them for inspiration when I’m thinking of article ideas) but I started getting the shelf ready for their return, ha! 




Looking forward to showing you all the finished result when the rest of my clothes get here! Not quite sure how I’m going to fit three extra boxes of stuff into my wardrobe but we’ll find out. Happy organising! 

SL xo


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